Monday, September 25, 2017

No Clear Records 020: Permanent Makeup Scrape LP Preorder

Permanent Makeup is releasing our 4th full length album "SCRAPE" on October 6th! its our 3rd LP (our last album released earlier this year "I Don't Like You Either" was digital only) and I wanted to share our bandcamp link for digital and vinyl preorder.  There is a track available for preview and everything :)

We are split releasing this one between our label No Clear Records and our pals DeadTank Records and IFB Records.

To preorder (or after Oct 6 just regular order) the vinyl, here's the link to our bandcamp page:

Limited to 300 copies of vinyl!  10 bux + 3 bux shipping.

If you live locally in the tampa bay area, please come out and buy one at our album release show Oct 7 at Lucky You Tattoo:

Or if you live in any of the places in the southeast we'll be hitting on tour, scoop one at the show! :)  here's more info on that:

Bringing it all together - if you do want an LP before we leave for tour on Oct 11, please pre order so we can ship to you before we leave! 

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