Monday, June 22, 2009

No Clear Radio episode 1

Brand new podcast radio show of recent and upcoming releases! this set is a little Mess Folk heavy because I am very excited about their cd-r that is about to come out soon!

mess folk-graveyard
blast and the detergents-not disposable
ghost hospital-head is gone
mess folk-nothing to me
chitter chatter
hal mcgee-small font lower case cracked improvisation
mess folk-black heart
the bay mayfields-doesn't matter
otolathe-ignore the mimes
blast and the detergents-maybe if i were a man
mess folk-hunt you down

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Apartment Show # 7 part 1

Hal Mcgee has curated 6 minimalist experimental improvisation shows at his flat in Gainesville, Florida. He brought the circus to St Petersburg this month and we put together an early afternoon show of improvisation at varying volumes in different rooms of my apartment. We drew cards randomly to choose partners in order to support the cut and paste burroughs environment we cling to in order to sculpt some sanity into our slapdash lives. Here's the first three videos from that show:
Kat Magyar and Christopher Nadeau

Hal McGee and Otolathe

Hal McGee and Christopher Nadeau

Monday, May 4, 2009

Obligitory First Post

No Clear Records started as a fake record label name used to shove on cd-r releases of my bands starting about 3 years ago. From home recordings to the studio, No Clear continues to surf the wave of raw immediacy and slapdash schizophrenia. Caustic live performances of bands like Blast and the Detergents, The Billfolds and Modern TV haunt the state of Florida and beyond every chance we get. Too wild for most bars in the area, a few all ages venues tolerate our antics a little more readily than the local beer flops. Here, words are boring:

The Art of No Clear Records

No music uploaded yet, so we'll ease you into our visual aesthetic first:

First, a show flyer from last year

by Christopher Nadeau, Brad Kokay and Susan Dickson

Cover of No Clear Records 003

Cover of No Clear Records 004

Show flyer

All art Christopher Nadeau except where noted

More crap art to come. Anyone can make art- there is no special club and no such thing as talent.