Saturday, November 22, 2014

Trumans Water/Octagrape/Permanent Makeup Tour Tape Available from Ghoulhouse Records

Our pals at Ghoulhouse Records are slinging the 3 way split cassette between underground legends Trumans Water, San Diego deconstructo garage noisers Octagrape and our own Floriduh post dance freaks Permanent Makeup!


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Permanent Makeup Free Download Live Radio Session

The inimitable radio show Grand National Championships at 88.5FM in Tampa Bay, Floriduh or worldwide has recorded and released a free 6 song session by post punk/post dance band Permanent Makeup! Recorded and mixed by local mystery man and host of GNC Alastair St. Hill. Free listening! Free download! Scoop it!

Permanent Makeup GNC session 7/30/2014

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Blast and the Detergents Remix cassette album available for order!

Mystery powerhouse tape label popnihil dropped a remix cassette of Blast and the Detergents 2010 album Time Misses a Beat and you can order it here:!!!

Also, you can listen/but a digital copy here:

Time Takes a Beating crushes through the entire Time Misses a Beat album track by track filtered through the mind and beats of Rate of Decay!  Limited release of 100 copies! POUNCE and then DANCE!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Permanent Makeup 7inch "Gibbering" Released!

Our latest release has been... well... RELEASED!  No Clear has teamed up with New Granada Records to split the financial obligation and distribution of Permanent Makeup's 7inch "Gibbering"!  3 tracks of post punk fury available on a small slab of wax!  "Suggestion" on side A and "Gibbering, Slobbering" and "Die Kissinger" careen through speakers and into your earholes very efficiently!  $7.50 shipping included when you order through this link: Order Permanent Makeup 7inch.  Includes download!  Homemade 2 color silk screened covers by Permanent Makeup's drummer Susan Dickson!

Preview a taste before you spend by digging "Suggestion" (side A):

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Permanent Makeup 7inch "Gibbering" Production Underway

No Clear Records 14 split release with New Granada Records will be released officially on January 7!  While we wait for the vinyl to be produced, we have begun screening the record covers!  For Tampa Bay area folks, we are planning release shows so stay tuned - National and International friends - you can preorder the record by following the link below: 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Post-Junk Vol. 1 by Infintesmal Records

Post-Junk Vol. 1 is a 7inch 4 way split/compilation of 4 intense songs by 4 different DIY underground bands, featuring a previously unreleased album closing scorcher from No Clear Records' Blast and the Detergents.  A mix-tape on vinyl of authentic post-punk, post-hardcore, post-folk and all for only $7 through Infintesmal Records bandcamp: Order and listen to Post-Junk Vol. 1.  Crushing sounds twirl through imagined sonic landscapes and variety's uncompromising swagger.  We are so stoked to be part of this release!  DIG!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Blast and the Detergents - Blast/Detergent

4 song EP available digitally only for free or pay what you want on bandcamp: Blast/Detergent is a furious trip through sonic deconstruction and dissonant landscapes.  Guitar frenzy buzzing and howling through crazing drums and hollering: recorded all live in a warehouse by James Bess, the wizard.  Science Fiction, defiance, and frustration bookmark the positive suggestion that if you are going to destroy, next clean up after yourself, then pick up all the pieces and make a whole new thing.  Stay tuned for 2 different songs from this session showing  up on physical releases very soon: one on a 4 way split 7inch on Infintesmal Records and another on a cassette tape comp on Anthill Records.