Thursday, January 9, 2014

Permanent Makeup 7inch "Gibbering" Released!

Our latest release has been... well... RELEASED!  No Clear has teamed up with New Granada Records to split the financial obligation and distribution of Permanent Makeup's 7inch "Gibbering"!  3 tracks of post punk fury available on a small slab of wax!  "Suggestion" on side A and "Gibbering, Slobbering" and "Die Kissinger" careen through speakers and into your earholes very efficiently!  $7.50 shipping included when you order through this link: Order Permanent Makeup 7inch.  Includes download!  Homemade 2 color silk screened covers by Permanent Makeup's drummer Susan Dickson!

Preview a taste before you spend by digging "Suggestion" (side A):

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